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Pedy's Pictures

Time flies by, it's been almost 5 months since I moved to Houston. And I am already working in the second job in Houston already. Life really changes fast and I feel like the beginning of my career is actually moving in a pretty rapid pace. Anyway, let me try to display some of my time I spent in these few months. 

Enjoy it!

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  NEW ...."H-TOWN  <--> O-TOWN!" (June 2003)

  NEW ...."Corpus Christi Roadtrip" (May 2003)

  NEW ...."AGGIE RING DUNKING and HK Crews" (April 2003)

              ...."Hey Texas!!" (March 2003)

       ...."BYE, Florida!!!!!!!" (February 2003)

          ....2003 New Years and friends friends friends! (January 2003)


              ....Thanksgiving with the Smiths (November 2002)

               .....SKYDIVING  (November 2002) 

               ..... Crazy Halloween 2002 

               ..... Home Sweet Home -- Colorful Hong Kong Trip (Oct 02) 

               ..... My brother's 1/2 CHINESE, 1/2 Western Wedding (Oct 02) 

             ..... What's Cool in Florida?? (Sept., 02) 

            ..... My Friends in Florida!! (Sept., 02)   

..... My Apartment and Job in Florida (Sept., 02)

       ..... Last Peek to Texas (May, 02)

     ..... Times with my Texas Friends (May, 02)

             ............My Road Trip in NE and Mid-West US (Feb, 02)

               "My Graduation" (December, 01)

       "My Thanksgiving with the Grotefendts" (November, 01)

     "My Football Game" (October, 01) "My roommate and her cats" (October, 01)    

                  "Hong Kong student in A&M" (September, 01)

                       the "Florida" page (May, 01)

                 "My first year in Texas" (00-01)

              "My short trips in Texas" (00-01)

                 "My Properties" (00 - 01)

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Last update: July 20, 2003

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